Step 8:  Pay Per Click Advertising


To successfully complete the PPC step, first do the following:

  1. Read through the step completely
  2. Schedule your phone consult in vCita | with one of our Step 8 Consultants.
  3. Complete the homework assignment for this step
  4. Complete the survey and provide your feedback on Step 8



How this consult is done:

Step 8 on Pay Per Click Advertising is conducted in 3 parts.


Part 1:

In this consult we will cover the basic principles of PPC, how to think about the keywords that will trigger your ad to appear and we will discuss how to write an ad. Upon completion of this consult, you will complete your keyword research and write 2 similar ads but will not set up your Adwords account or your campaign until the Part 2 consult.

The Step 8 Part 1 Consult typically takes 30 – 45 minutes.





Part 2:

The Pure Ecommerce Client Consultant will log in to your Google AdWords account with you, please have your log in information available and ready to share with the consultant.   We will go over the basic set up procedures for establishing a PPC campaign on Google AdWords.  We will cover how to set up the account, how to set up your first campaign and offer any helpful suggestions before your ad runs.   Upon completion of this consult, you will allow your ad to run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for a period of two weeks. Once you have started running your ad, please go into vCita and schedule the Step 8, Part 3 consult for two weeks after the ad begins.

The Part 2 consult typically takes 30 – 45 minutes.



Reviewing Your PPC Ad Results

This is approximately a 45 minute consult. Your Client Consultant will log into your PPC account with you and review the numbers.


Log In

Please have your Google AdWords log in information ready to share with the Client Consultant. You will need the username (the email address you signed up for the account with) and the password you used. 

Facebook and Bing also offer PPC advertising.  This course will show you how to set up and monitor a Facebook  and Bing campaign.