Step 6: Blogging & Social Media Marketing



To successfully complete the Social Media & Marketing step, first do the following:


1. Read through the step completely


2. Schedule your phone consult in vCita |

with one of our social media and marketing consultants.


3. Complete the homework assignment for this step


4. Complete the Survey


How this consult is done:

Step 7 on Social Media & Marketing is conducted in 1 part.

In this consult, we will go over basic best practices for using social media to help market your site plus other ways to market your new business. We will discuss how social media can build exposure for your site and strengthen your brand, how to write and publish press releases and to build brand awareness through product placement and how to market your business in today’s ecommerce market.

At Pure-Ecommerce we strive to provide our clients with the highest quality of service as they work to start their internet business. We ask you to take a few moments to complete this customer satisfaction survey. This feedback will assist us as we provide service to you and our future clients. We appreciate your time and input!