Step 5:  Search Engine Optimization

To successfully complete the SEO step, first do the following:


1. Read through the step completely

2. Schedule your phone consult in vCita | with one of our SEO Consultants.


3. Complete the homework assignment for this step


How this consult is done:

The Step on Search Engine Optimization is conducted in 4 parts.


Part 1 (On Page Optimization):

In this consult, we will go over basic site optimization. We will discuss how search engines work, discuss keyword research and illustrate how to complete basic optimization procedures in your store admin.


Part 2 (Off Page Optimization):

In this consult, we will go over basic off page optimization. We will discuss external linking, publishing content outside of your site (articles, blog posts, etc.) and developing a social media presence.


Part 3 (Site Maps):

Part 3 is done on your own – there is no scheduled call for this part of the step. Documents in Part 3 explain how to exclude your own IP address from Google Analytics data and how to submit your sitemap to the search engines.

Part 4 (Journal)

In this consult we will review the Journal Framework and answer any questions you may have regarding the Journal functions.   Please note: this part is only available for client sites with the Journal upgrade.